The Daily Record Recovery Project

The Daily Record newspaper office was torched by a racist mob in 1898 because its editorials challenged the status quo of its time. Its content, and the world it represented, was all but destroyed during an unfolding massacre in the city it represented. Over a century later, our project, involving students from multiple schools, has so far located, transcribed, and digitized eight separate issues of the pioneering African-American broadsheet, along with over 150 remnant articles preserved through republication elsewhere.

Middle Schoolers Help Transcribe, Digitize Rare Historical Newspapers

Library Journal · September 23, 2017
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Students help preserve copies of the Wilmington Record, burned by whites in 1898

The Star News · July 21, 2017
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Students help bring new light to the Wilmington riots of 1898

DigitalNC.org · August 7, 2017
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Newly Accessible Issues of Alex Manly's The Daily Record

WHQR · November 8, 2018
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CoastLine: The 120th Anniversary of Wilmington's 1898 Coup

WHQR · November 7, 2018
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The Third Person Project: In Search of Wilmington's Buried Past

O Henry · October 2019
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The Daily Record Project: "Remnants" of a Pivotal Paper in North Carolina's History

DigitalNC.org · August 2019
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